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1) Dollar Amount Received Stimulus #1 [Around April 2020]

2) Dollar Amount Received Stimulus #2 [Around Jan 2021]

WE CANNOT COMPLETE YOUR RETURN WITHOUT THIS INFORMATION. To prevent delays, please include this information with your tax documents.

Although not taxable, the IRS has required that BOTH 2020 and 2021 Stimulus payments get reported on 2020 Tax Return. If you do not know how much you received, you can find out through the IRS website by creating an account:


If you qualify for a stimulus check and do not have your Direct deposit info on your return, the IRS will be updating their site so that you can add direct deposit info securely here:

Info Regarding Small Business Grants can be found here :

Paycheck Protection Program: Please contact your lender first and get on their list before requesting documents from our office, as some lenders are not participating or are full on applications.

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