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How long in advance should I call for an appointment?

 At least 3 weeks, Paul's busy season is year round and he is booked for most of the year. 

How can I pay?

Currently we only accept cash or check. We do not accept credit or debit cards. Please have the payment ready when you come to pick up your work.

Where is my refund?

Click HERE for FEDERAL returns. 

Click HERE for COLORADO returns.

You will need your social security number (or ITIN), your filing status and the exact amount of your refund. Please contact us for additional information, and for other states not listed here.

What is a client portal?

It is a way to access your personal information safely and quickly. If you are interested, you will need to set up an account with us.  Once it is set-up, we can import your tax return and other items, so that you can look at them on your computer or print them.  You can also securely send your tax documents via the portal instead of having to drop them off. If you don't want a portal we can still send documents to you securely through a program called ShareFile. 

Where do I login if I already have a portal set up?

Click Here to access your portal.

What is the declaration page?

This is to verify that all the information you are providing is all the information needed and that it's accurate.  It is to make sure that we are correctly doing the return with all the relevant information. This must be filled out every year for taxes to be completed.

What are the e-filing authorization sheets?

The Federal form is 8879 and the state forms are different for each state.  These forms must be signed and returned to us before we can e-file your return.  It is illegal for us to e-file your return without the form returned and signed to our office.  It is saying that you reviewed the return and it is accurate to the best of your knowledge.  

Why can't you extend my tax return if you don't hear from me?

It is now illegal for us to extend a tax return without written consent from the client each year. Please see here for more information.